Spelling words. Scoring points. A board full of tiles with letters on them. Seems pretty simple, right? But for every word spelled, there's a cost. A choice. A letter that has to be thrown away. And the choices get more and more difficult until the letters run out and there are no more choices left.

  • Simple rules, easy to learn, but challenging strategic depth
  • No timer or time limits — take your time, figure out your plan. Or just take the first word that catches your eye, we won't judge
  • Three game modes — play single-board elimination mode, level up with endurance mode, or play in endless mode just for the fun of it
  • Two board sizes — full boards for more options and greater challenges, or play smaller express game boards for a quick fix
  • Multiple tile shapes, styles, and color schemes (including a high contrast color scheme for colorblind players)
  • Multiple languages supported: play with English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, or Italian word lists with corresponding character sets and letter scores

For iOS and Android devices:

You can see the FAQ here or feel free to contact us if you have other questions.


Press Kit

The Elexi press kit is available online here.