Elexi Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in Elexi. Elexi is a word game where the player spells words on a board of lettered tiles, then discards one of the letters used. There is no time limit, scores are based instead on the combination of the length of words as well as the rarity of letters used. There are several modes of play, including simple elimination (until no more words can be spelled) and a more challenging mode where letters are replaced by new letters from a queue if an ever-increasing threshold is met. There are also "express" versions of the game played from a 3x3 board (instead of the 5x5 board used by the "full" game).

Elexi has word lists for six languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian) and is localized into two additional languages (Japanese and simplified Chinese).


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You can also see the player FAQ.

Fact Sheet

App Store Description

[Localized App Store descriptions are available here]

Spelling words. Scoring points. A board full of tiles with letters on them. Seems pretty simple, right? But for every word spelled, there's a cost. A choice. A letter that has to be thrown away. And the choices get more and more difficult until the letters run out and there are no more choices left.

  • Simple rules, easy to learn, but challenging strategic depth
  • No timer or time limits — take your time, figure out your plan. Or just take the first word that catches your eye, we won't judge
  • Three game modes — play single-board elimination mode, level up with endurance mode, or play in endless mode just for the fun of it
  • Two board sizes — full boards for more options and greater challenges, or play smaller express game boards for a quick fix
  • Multiple tile shapes, styles, and color schemes (including a high contrast color scheme for colorblind players)
  • Multiple languages supported: play with English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, or Italian word lists with corresponding character sets and letter scores


[A larger collection of 120 screenshots is available here for every supported language in three form factors (4x3 iPad, 16x10 Android tablet, and 5.5" iPhone — 16x9 Android Phones would have the same layout). A few logo, icon, and promotional images are also included.]


Lensflare Games LLC is Douglas Triggs and Ai Ling Chow.

  • All Programming and Design: Douglas Triggs
  • Music: Ai Ling Chow
  • Localization: Ai Ling Chow (Chinese), Saori Yamamoto (Japanese), all other languages provided by Translation Partners International