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About Us

Lensflare Games LLC1 is a Denver, Colorado-based software startup formed in 2013. Our mission: to make the most awesomest strategy games we can make and have fun doing it. Because what's the point of games that aren't fun? And yes, "awesomest" totally is too a word.

Who We Are

We are Douglas Triggs and Ai Ling Chow.

Douglas is chief code monkey and bit wrangler. He founded Lensflare Games LLC1 to create strategy games he wanted to play. He's a strong believer that there's no such thing as too many great games, so why not take a shot at trying to make some?

Ai Ling is chief financial bit wrangler and handles the business of business. She's also the note wrangler, er, handles the music. She helped found the company mainly on account of being married to Douglas. Not that she doesn't like her share of games as well.

Contact Us

If you'd like to contact us, you can reach Douglas at @doubt72 on twitter. Alternately, visit our page on Facebook.

If you'd like to send us private feedback for one of our games (problems, praise, questions, anything), you can also send that to support@lensflare.com.

1Yeah, yeah, always with the LLC. It's a legal thing.